Glass & Jewellery Care

Pendants & Earrings

The edges of Crafted Glass stained glass pendants are crafted from a lead-free jeweller's solder consisting of tin and silver. Just like silver, this solder will lose its initial lustre if left unpolished. This is totally natural, and you may prefer to let your pendant age in this way.If you'd like to maintain the brightness to your stained glass jewellery, an occasional brisk rub to the solder with a soft polishing cloth will help to rejuvenate its shine. A silver polishing cloth also works well to bring out a sparkle. Another solution is to polish with carnauba wax – see brooch care section below for details.

  • Do not dip your pendant in a silver cleaning fluid or use a silver cleaning cream, as this will have an opposite effect on the pendant edges, and cause them to become grey.
  • Do not allow jewellery to come into contact with sprays, perfumes, creams or oils.
  • Do not shower or bath in plated jewellery as this can result in the chains tarnishing quicker and dulling.

Silver plated chains will tarnish over time, but to help increase their shine try the following:

Use a small plastic bowl and coat with tin foil, fill with hot water and add a tea spoon of bicarbonate of soda. Place the chain in the bowl covered in water for 5 mins and keep checking to the desired result is achieved. Do not leave in longer than 10mins.

Another good tip for preserving the shine longer between polishes is to store your jewellery in an airtight re-sealable plastic bag.

Note: All chains & bails are silver-plated (nickel free) and earrings are supplied with sterling silver ear fittings.


Brooches (remove brooches from clothing prior to cleaning).

Gently clean with a little soap and warm water and dry with a soft cloth. If the solder seams become tarnished apply a little carnauba car wax and polish with a dry cloth to remove the oxidization.

Do not use chemicals or abrasive cleaning liquids especially on a dark solder finish as the colour can be worn away.

Brooches are constructed using a tin and lead mix solder and should be kept out of reach of small children. Do not ingest lead and wash hands if handled extensively.